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Cinematic brand storytelling with heart.


Bold. Brazen.


At Lawless, we meld the precision of technology with the art of storytelling, crafting videos that not only inform but captivate. Specializing in tech brand stories with a cinematic documentary approach, we strive to illuminate the human side of innovation, making complex ideas accessible and engaging.

Whether it's shooting on a glacier in Iceland, the deserts of Ethiopia, or the boardrooms of Silicon Valley, our mission is to create visually stunning narratives that inspire, educate, and connect audiences with the ever-evolving world of technology. Through each frame, we aim to showcase the beauty of progress and the minds shaping our future, delivering content that resonates and endures.

We are a full-scope production and creative house. Our foundation is in documentary production, and has grown to include all forms of media. But our story roots run deep.


We're a trusted creative partner for our clients, brands, & agencies. We exist to bring cinematic, boldly told stories to the digital world. We have the experience and talent to bring the right people, the right style and the right attitude to bear, making us a trusted partner to our clients and global network alike.

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Why Choose Us

It's all about Visual Storytelling

Leveraging three decades of production, television, and journalistic expertise, we bring a seasoned narrative craftsmanship to corporate and commercial storytelling.


Our unique approach transforms even the most technical and abstract concepts into compelling stories, a universal language that resonates with every human being.


We delve deep into understanding your business, your audience, and your objectives, ensuring that our storytelling aligns perfectly with your vision.


This meticulous process allows us to craft messages that not only make an emotional impact on your viewers but also surprise and delight them about your brand.


By treating your message as a story waiting to be told, we create content that is not just seen but felt, fostering a profound connection between your brand and your audience.


Satisfied Customers

See What Our Clients
Say About Us

David is a fantastic director and collaborator. I have worked with him on multiple projects and have never failed to be amazed at how quickly he understands and interprets the essence of what we are aiming to convey with video. He has a wonderfully tasteful eye that creates highly professional, but also organic and authentic feeling pieces at the same time. He also particularly excels at gently directing subjects to get the very best commentary, producing almost an embarrassing array of riches in editing. He stays on budget and on schedule without commotion. I cannot recommend him highly enough. You will not be disappointed.

Ellen Roeckl

Chief Communications Officer

David is a true storyteller. His passion for video shines whenever you talk to him, and he has a genuine desire to create something spectacular. He has strong social skills and a clear understanding of how to make a video succeed from inception to execution.

Elizabeth O'Neal

Creative Director


David is a really competent Producer/Director. He has worked for me on a number of projects and has always managed to get me great content beautifully shot -no matter what trials and tribulations he has to face along the way. He is a delight to work with, a great team player and a hard worker . He is organised but can cope with last minute changes. He gets the best out of both his team and the on screen talent - even tempremental artists! I thoroughly recommend him .

Susan Maxwell

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